​​​About the Book

David is a hard-partying Hollywood millionaire who has maintained a long-standing reputation as a sexy, charming and lovable womanizer. Though he thoroughly enjoys his bachelor lifestyle, David’s secret desire is to become a family man – a dream constantly sidetracked by the allure of Hollywood. Then, David begins to experience close encounters with Sarah, a highly accomplished, conservative and well-respected Deputy District attorney – who is a virgin. But the close encounter that rattles David’s world the most is the close encounter he has with the criminal justice system, which threatens to take his liberty for a very, very long time. 

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“…all of her books are hot and steamy legal suspense knockouts, which you won’t want to put down.”  --California Herald

“Summer Augustine is an amazingly talented writer, who after establishing a successful career as a prosecuting attorney, and then a civil litigator, turned her attention towards writing and the world is a much more interesting and hotter place because she did.”  --The American Reporter




​About the Series

Prosecutors-LA is  a 4-book series mixing the genres of Hot Romance and Legal Thrillers. Each book can be enjoyed independently and out of order.  A Brush with Love, A Brush with the Law is the first book in the series. Lovers of Romance should start there!  

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