About the Series

Prosecutors-LA is a series that follows the lives of fictional LA prosecutors whose personal lives sometimes collide with their cases. Naturally, drama ensues... Then, strict enforcers of the law suddenly find themselves in scenarios they never would have imagined—sometimes playing the part of defense lawyer, resorting to street justice, or becoming a suspect on the run. The glitz and glam of LA and its residents’ favorite international destinations add further indulgence to this series, which mixes the genres of Romance and Legal Thriller.

The Suspect is the third book in the series. However, each book can be enjoyed independently and out of order.

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About the Book

​​Jack Wayne is next in line to become District Attorney of Los Angeles County.  A career prosecutor whose sole ambition has been to faithfully serve the public, Jack Wayne is about to face an immense threat to his hard-earned career. He agrees to investigate an invisible criminal—the mysterious female voice who is suspected of leading a white-collar crime ring targeting wealthy young inhabitants of Los Angeles. Stepping out of his role as prosecuting attorney, Jack does something very different. He goes undercover, to draw the suspect towards him, not realizing that her crime ring transcends borders and affects not only the wealthiest inhabitants of Los Angeles, but of Europe and the Middle East.

Chasing down leads across the globe, Jack suddenly finds himself caught in a jurisdiction far away from Los Angeles.  A seductive vixen, whose greatest talent is con-artistry, the suspect has captured him first.                             

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